Seria UltraLight

Lower weight version of Profi Liner, Mega Liner, Coil Liner, Paper Liner.

The range that uses new materials as well as design innovations, which allow to increase the payload by decreasing its own weight. Profi Liner Ultra has a redesigned chassis, uses light alloys on the front wall, rear doors and floor. Thus, its own weight can reach 5,630 kg, with a load on the forklift axle of max. 5,460 kg. Mega Liner Ultra also has a redesigned chassis, with longbeams and crossbeams with optimized weight, which allows it to reach its own weight of 5,950 kg, without affecting its stability. Coil Liner Ultra reaches a weight of 5,980 kg, through the use of high-grade steels and a series of innovations in chassis and floor design, while maintaining the strength and functionality of the semi-trailer.

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