Mega Liner

Tarpaulin semi-trailer with coupling height for Mega / Low tractors (880 – 980 mm).

Semi-trailer with lowered chassis for transporting bulky goods (maximum internal volume 100 m3). Equipped as standard with hydraulic lifting roof, which facilitates side loading and unloading (especially for the automotive industry). Simple roof height adjustment system, with independent hydraulic actuation on the front and rear pillars, as well as easy manual adjustment of the side pillars. The rear roof beam allows its fixing in 3 positions (or optionally in 5). It can be configured with a special package for rail transport (Hucke Pack) or for roller transport (Coil). It is equipped with 19.5 ‘axles; Mega Liner Confort: version dedicated to applications with multiple loading and unloading every day, with an innovative system of tensioning and securing the side tarpaulin, without having side pillars.

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