Dry Liner Duoplex Steel

Closed box semi-trailer, with sandwich walls made of steel and foam.

Designed for the transport of high value goods, having the possibility of installing additional safety systems; Very versatile variant, which can be configured with coupling height for standard or Mega tractors, and can be equipped inside with horizontal rails at various heights for cargo blockers. The robust construction, having a superstructure based on an optimized and rigid front wall and a rear door frame that stiffens the entire construction when the steel doors are closed, ensures the robustness necessary for the transport of any type of goods, especially high value. The translucent ceiling and the options of equipping with accessories for loading or mooring the goods make the use of this model to be very flexible and efficient at the same time. Optionally, the side walls can be ordered with plywood, for protection against shocks during loading and unloading. The variant with 30 mm sandwich walls with double floor system is an optimal solution for the logistics of fresh products.

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