Carrier System (swap body)

Carrier System (swop body), in the version with tarpaulin or closed van, on folding legs, and trailers with 2 axles.

Krone is the market leader in mobile boxes (swop body), their construction being characterized by a rigid chassis, sliding tarpaulin superstructure or closed box equipped with steel rear doors. Trailers specially designed for this application are equipped with 2 axles (front / rear or tandem in the center), with chassis loading heights for standard or volume boxes (with lowered chassis). The mobile boxes can be made of steel, optionally equipped with a double loading floor on 2 levels, with various cargo securing systems. It can also be configured in the reefer version, with sandwich walls and independent cooling unit, or in the version with 30 mm sandwich walls, for fresh products. The mobile tarpaulin swop bodies have a sliding roof, movable side pillars and a MultiLock floor frame. For long goods the ideal solution is the mobile swop body with sliding tarpaulin, 13.6 m long.

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