Excellence in Refrigerated Transport: Unique semitrailer, Krone brand, specially ordered for our partner Mistio Impex SRL

In this captivating presentation, we proudly introduce Krone’s special refrigerated semitrailer. Krone’s choice was motivated by their unique ability to meet the customer’s high expectations for this exceptional assembly. Configured in detail, the semi-trailer offers a wide range of options, including Tapa certified closure and a sensor system for automatic hill stopping, ensuring transport safety and efficiency.

As for the refrigeration unit, the customer chose the Thermo King Advancer A400, the current leader in single-temperature systems with low fuel consumption and low noise level, contributing to the rest of drivers. The drainage system efficiently collects condensate generated during transport and avoids leaks on the road.

The tractor unit, from the limited series Svempas Frost Edition, was selected to harmoniously complement the assembly. Discover more about the innovations and technical details of this exciting ensemble in our new video!