CTE TRAILERS BULGARIA delivered semitrailers and upperstructures for TRANSPRESS

The delivery includes 30 units of semi-trailers, dry box semitrailers and uperstructures

April was a busy month for CTE TRAILERS BULGARIA as deliveries were made to key customers. One of them was the company TRANSPRESS, which renewed its fleet of semi-trailers and upperstructures with another 30 units

10 dry box semi-trailers were delivered, 5 of them being the Krone Dry Liner model with standard volume and the other 5 being Krone Dry Liner Mega with increased volume. The interesting thing about them is that they are prepared for loading on two floors and for this purpose they contain 12 sets of double-deck rails, Airline type, installed in the side walls at a height of 1600 mm from the roof, as well as 23 double deck bars that allow a load capacity of just under 1000 kg each. These dry box units are designed for a higher load area, with the load height increased by 90mm.

The delivery for TRANSPRESS also includes 5 new standard curtainsiders semi-trailers of the new generation Krone Profi Liner. The curb weight of these semi-trailers is low – 6190 kg (+/- 3%), which means more payload. These include the multi-award winning Multilock system with included load securing positions every 100mm. The new generation of Krone Profi Liner curtainsider semi-trailers is also distinguished by a new construction of the portal doors and the floor.

Both types of dry box semi-trailers are ordered with a telematics system from Krone, which allows control of the position of the semi-trailer and the doors and the processing of some other operational data for the semi-trailer, gives messages about errors in the braking system, as well as whether the semi-trailer is uncoupled or coupled. The dry box units were also ordered with 24-month contracts for maintenance and servicing of the telematics system.

15 units of plywood superstructures for chassis-cab trucks are to be delivered, which will be particularly suitable for the TRANSPRESS pallet business.

With any semi-trailer, the guarantees provided are of particular importance. In this case, the KRONE manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty against pitting corrosion of the chassis. This is possible thanks to the method of processing the steel parts with sandblasting and applying a cathode coating (CDC – Cathode Dip Coating), which protects against corrosion, as well as powder painting the entire chassis and baking at high temperature. All this provides a long-lasting anti-rust coating. This high quality is obtained in the new KRONE plating center, opened 4 years ago. It is located on an area of 16,500 square meters and has a height of 20 m. Thanks to the highly automated technologies implemented in it, the chassis for the KRONE semi-trailers are produced not only without analogue in the quality of the coating, but also quite quickly – the time for processing one chassis is under 7 minutes. You can see more about this technology in the video. – KRONE Coating Centre Werlte (EN) – YouTube

In terms of warranties, KRONE also offers an extended warranty of 6 years for its own brand of Krone axles, with no mileage restrictions in EU countries.

Regarding the deliveries for TRANSPRESS, Georgi Baltov, Commercial Director of CTE Trailers Bulgaria, shared: Despite the difficulties of the market in every segment, I am glad that we were able to realize this project. It is extremely important in a dynamic market like this and changing conditions and demands from customers to diversify the transport fleet. This is a prerequisite for the fastest response from the carrier.

TRANSPRESS is one of the leading transport and logistics companies and a leader in the transport of pallet shipments in Bulgaria. It has been on the market for 30 years, and today it has a team of 1,000 professionals, a fleet of over 400 trucks, and 13 logistics centers in our country. Thanks to its partnership with the international giant DACHSER, it operates in a network of 430 locations throughout Europe. TRANSPRESS provides transport of over two million shipments per year and a full range of transport and logistics services.

Caring for the environment is among the core values of TRANSPRESS and is an integral part of the vision for the development of the business and of the company as an employer. Efforts and active work are concentrated in the following directions: Reducing fuel consumption and, accordingly, harmful emissions through investments in a modern and ecological fleet and innovative solutions, energy efficiency of buildings and bases, recycling and optimal waste management, increasing the competencies and motivation of employees, support of socially significant campaigns with an ecological orientation in Bulgaria.

Constant monitoring of work shows that for the last three years, TRANSPRESS has reduced fuel consumption by 30%. A key factor for this is maintaining a fleet of modern and environmentally vehicles, with the average age of the company’s trucks being 1.5 years, all complying with the EURO 6 standard, and the majority having the highest environmental modification EURO 6d. In this way, they reduce the emissions of solid particles by half, and those of nitrogen oxides – by almost 80%, while at the same time ensuring comfort and safety for the drivers. And this next delivery is part of the continuous renewal process of the TRANSPRESS fleet.