CTE Trailers: a Trusted Partner in the Transformation of Professional Education through the Dual Campus Project Politehnica Bucharest

In a changing world, developing a skilled workforce ready for the challenges of the technical and technological fields has been a priority for many years. With a labour market in need of young, well-trained craftsmen, professionals and specialists, the development of dual education has become a necessity.

In this context, the National University of Science and Technology Politehnica Bucharest, in partnership with local authorities, educational institutions and 14 partner companies or relevant economic operators in their fields of activity, including CTE Trailers, joined forces to create a secure and promising future for young people in the region. This initiative aims to change the educational landscape in the Bucharest-Ilfov region and materializes through the “Campus dual Politehnica București” project.

CTE Trailers: Responsible Partner in Professional Development

CTE Trailers has always considered education as a vital component of its development as a leader in the market of new and rolled semi-trailers, truck mounted superstructures, maintenance and repair services and spare parts distribution in Romania. We aim to provide long-term support to young professionals in their growth and preparation for the complex challenges of the changing economic environment. Our values are based on trust, professionalism and continuous development. Our vision is to create a community of well-trained and engaged professionals who contribute to the growth of the industry and are prepared for a successful career.

Our collaboration with the Pamfil Șeicaru Technological High School in Ciorogârla, which started in the 2021-2022 school year, and our active participation in the Dual System Vocational School program is a concrete example of our long-term commitment. We currently support three classes of future mechanics with scholarships, courses and personal development activities, giving them practical experience and helping them to develop their human and professional potential.

The Need for Quality Vocational Education

The current labour market situation has highlighted the acute need for adequately trained technical staff in all sectors of economic activity. With an increasing focus on innovation and technology, young people need to acquire the knowledge and skills to keep up with today’s demands. In this context, dual education, which harmoniously combines theory and practice, has become a promising solution for future generations of professionals.

ETC Contribution: Facilities, Expertise and Support

CTE Trailers brings significant resources to the project through its modern commercial vehicle maintenance and repair workshops, built in 2020, and, above all, through the experience of the team of professionals who run them. The company offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as hands-on opportunities for pupils and students with CTE Trailers specialists. Through mentoring programmes and personal development events, we provide ongoing support to young people, helping them develop their skills and plan their careers. The involvement of CTE Trailers in the development of this ambitious project – “Campus dual Politehnica București” – ensures that young people have a complete educational pathway so that they can continue their training in subsequent stages of higher education, according to their aspirations and intellectual needs.

Future With Impact Through Education

The “Campus dual Politehnica București” project is a concrete proof of the importance of collaboration between sectors for the development of quality vocational education. Through the joint efforts of the Ilfov County Council, the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the 14 partner companies, including CTE Trailers, this project promises to contribute to training young people in line with labour market requirements, offering them both a professional status and meaningful work. The project also responds to the technological and social challenges of the society in which we all live.