Crown present practice and 360˚ customized services

“We prepare semi-trailers for the future with the help of artificial intelligence and connect our products with the right services for more mobility and more efficient logistics. This ensures safer transport of goods and the prompt provision of all important transport information. the highest requirements in our portfolio and we constantly renew our promise of quality, so that our customers are on the road in an even more economical way “, explains Bernard Krone, Managing Partner.

The innovative family business in Emsland features many new vehicles as well as a 360˚ service around the semi-trailer. These comprehensive services, such as flexible full-service offerings, fast spare parts logistics and intelligent telematics solutions, are especially in the spotlight. Through them, operating times and total operating costs (total cost of ownership TCO) are optimized.

This creates first-class added value for the tough daily routine of transportation. Krone is preparing the semi-trailer for the future. The Smart Trailer Check ensures optimal transport conditions even before the start of the race. The Smart Scan loading space detection system comfortably provides the overview of the free capacity of the semi-trailer, and the optimal use of the free surface is further ensured by further connecting to the transport exchanges in Smart Capacity Management. All this is linked in the Krone Telematics Portal and makes transport even more efficient in an intelligent way.